Why not normal ladoo for all instead of Pink Ladoo for girls?

We thought about using normal ladoo. But it felt dishonest.  Campaigning for “normal ladoo for all” would have glossed over the fact that it is women who have been systematically targeted and undermined through sexist customs.

For us, the Pink Ladoo is the symbol of a protest against sexist customs and norms.  Our aim is to open conversations about about women’s rights in South Asian homes across the world; a normal ladoo doesn’t open the conversation as instantly and potently as a Pink Ladoo and wouldn’t have the same impact.

Isn’t it sexist to use Pink?

Different colors have different meanings in different cultures.

Although Pink is associated with being weak, mild and submissive in many Western cultures other cultures interpret Pink differently. For thousands of years, Pink and Red have been symbols of strength, power, luck and celebration in South Asian cultures and are worn by both South Asian men and women during weddings and other festivities.

Thus, the Pink in 'Pink Ladoo' is borrowed from both cultures and is used as a symbol for girls, women, prosperity and joy.